If you’re a song-writer who is frustrated by writing good songs but not being able to have them “fleshed out” with arrangements and instrumentation…this is Steve’s forte.

Below you find examples of songs that Steve has worked on over the last few years in his modest studio set up.


What started out as a job became a partnership. Eric Olley (guitars, vocals) and Simon Tindale (keyboards, vocals) approached Steve to record "Microlite" explaining that it was a song in four parts, all in different keys and timings!!! So the song was recorded that way and joined together afterwards. The biggest problem was finding links to join the songs up. There is one sample in the track, the sluring strings used as a link came from "A bad night" by Cat Stevens. Steve played bass and programmed the drums. When he asked which one of them was going to sing the song, they replied "We hoped that you might"!!! Steve was so impressed at the way the other two worked in the studio that he formed a writing and production partnership with them.


Lewis came to Steve with a handfull of songs and a great voice. Steve spent a long time on the arrangements for "Maybe" and taught Lewis the art of harmony backing vocals in the process.

Dock of the bay

Aside from the odd karaoke, Kelly had very little singing experience so Steve's first job was to make her feel comfortable in front of a mic and to build the track around her voice. She had some original ideas that were also turned into songs but they both agreed that this was the stand out track from their sessions together.

We Will Be Kings

Steve was approached by an online gambling company to write and produce a song for the Rugby League World Cup. It was presented to the Rugby League who adopted it for their Wooden Spoon charity and it was released just before the tournament. Steve naturally roped in Eric Olley and Simon Tindale and the track was written and recorded in two days.